The new way to list a real estate property, market your goods and services, mine your leads and increase revenue.
What is 1REport?
We built 1REport based on our real estate expertise, but it can be used to promote everything from individual products to a suite of services.

1REport’s QR code, with a unique link, sends leads directly to you. We never share or send your leads with anyone.

Real estate agents–this means you can rest easy knowing your leads won’t be sold to the highest bidder.

Customize your marketing

1REport makes it easy to tailor your marketing materials so you attract the right buyers at the right price. It’s like creating a dedicated website, but without the hassles.

Manage the entire transaction

1REport is just the beginning--our full suite of document management tools means you can accept offers, negotiate the contract in our Virtual Negotiation Room, keep the message history in the same file, and sign using our blockchain signature