Small Business

Powerful document management at your fingertips. Small businesses need solutions that can adapt to their ever-changing needs. Our ShelterZoom suite provides scalable products to help you expand and grow in response to the market conditions wherever you are. Whether it is a pandemic that forces everyone to work remotely or ongoing management of your files, ShelterZoom has a solution for all that and everything in between.

1REport gives real estate profsessionals the first-mover advantage. The new way to list property. Be the First On The Block.
Our flagship document management platform whose technology underpins everything we do, with even more coming on our roadmap.

Documents that do more

The dynamic documents inside ShelterZoom give you more options and more control. Whether it is the documents that underpin your business, marketing materials, contracts that need to be signed securely, or any of the other pieces that make up your workflow you can manage it all inside ShelterZoom

Powerful PDFs

With our interactive PDF feature you have an entire workbench to make your PDF files work for you. Then save them securely in your private blockchain-based library or download them for use offline. Customers can complete order forms, design requests, or any other type of information you collect and you can store everything in one easy-to-access digital home


Don’t waste time recreating documents or contracts that are nearly identical. Use our Template feature to create a master document and change only the fields that need new information. You can also use Templates for marketing materials or the other documents that make up your workflow. Request a free demo to learn more ideas about how to make ShelterZoom work for you.

Need eSignatures?

Our blockchain eSignatures are unlimited for every price tier--we don’t charge you by how many signatures you need or use. Create all your contracts in the same place you negotiate and store them.